Résumé & Rates

Download a copy of my résumé as a .doc and peruse my freelance writing and editing rates below. Scope samples from my body of work here. Got a question? Drop me a line at samannecarrillo@gmail.com or message me on Facebook at facebook.com/samanthaannenm.

Type of Work | Estimated Pace | Range of Fees

Editing, basic copyediting 5–10 ms pgs/hr $25/hr
Editing, heavy copyediting 2–5 ms pgs/hr $40/hr
Editing, developmental |1–5 pgs/hr $45–55/hr
Editing, substantive or line 1–6 ms pgs/hr $44–55/hr

PROOFREADING 9-13 ms pgs/hr $30/hr

RESEARCHING variable $45-75/hr

TRANSCRIBING variable $2.50-$4/minute

WRITING |1-3 ms pgs/hr 26¢-50¢/wd
Rewriting, ghostwriting $50-60/hr 26¢-50¢/wd
Writing,proposals/sales/PR $50-60/hr 30¢-95¢/wd
Writing, journalism $40-50/hr 26¢-50¢/wd
Writing, technical/trade $50-60/hr 45¢-55¢/wd

Copyediting: Reading a manuscript line by line to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and syntax and to clarify/resolve inconsistent references. Copyediting can also involve reading a manuscript to improve style, which may mean deleting unnecessary words, substituting new words for incorrect or awkward ones, and rearranging sentences within paragraphs.

Developmental editing: Working with the author(s) to develop a manuscript and ensuring that the finished manuscript meets the publisher’s requirements.

Proofreading: Reading typeset galleys and/or page layouts (usually against a copy of the final manuscript) to correct typographical errors and to call problems and inconsistencies to the attention of the editor and/or publisher.

Research: Using public and private resources to gather information on a given subject; compiling that information in a format to be presented to an author or publisher.

Rewriting, ghostwriting: Reading a manuscript or collection of materials with the aim of recasting the ideas into a readable format, such as a book or an article. The finished product may bear little resemblance to the original materials.

Substantive editing: Reading a manuscript to suggest changes in the structure of the material; for example, creating a new outline, proposing additions or deletions, recommending changes in tone or emphasis, and inserting such aids to readability as headings, italic or bold type, and lists.